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Expert Articles & Advice

Tips to Keep Pets and Christmas Trees Separate

In many homes, a beautifully decorated Christmas tree is the undisputed centerpiece of holiday decorations. Unfortunately, the garlands, tinsel, lights, and ornaments are just as attractive to pets, but can be dangerous if cats and dogs decide this unusual tree is a new and fascinating toy.

Backyard Threats to Wild Birds

All backyard birders want to believe that birds are perfectly safe in their yard, but there are many surprising threats that can be a problem even in the most bird-friendly spots. Fortunately, it is easy to spot these threats and take steps to minimize any risks to visiting birds.

Special Announcements

  • How to Attract Birds To Your Yard
    One of the best hobbies you can enjoy with your kids, especially when it turns cold outside, is backyard birding. Learning to identify the different species, and understanding their eating habits, can be a lot of fun.  Learn more here.